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Snooker, sheer madness on cloth


Since 2010 I am practising Snooker very hard.
Just brave on the couch Couch in front of the TV watching EurosportSmiley. I won't explain the Snooker game here in detail, others have done that already before, nicer and more detailed as I could do it. Just click here!
Just some facts at a glance here: A full-size table measures 11 ft 81/2 in × 5 ft 10 in (3569 mm x 1778 mm), commonly referred to as 12 ft table. It rests usually on 8 legs and weighs about 1400 kg. The table playing area consists from 5 about 45 mm thick shale plates. They are boltet together and then covered with a special type of cloth. The cushions, made from vulcanized rubber are covered with the same cloth. After they are bolted on to the shale plates they keep the entire assembly together.
A full set of Snooker balls consists from 21 balls and the white Que ball. 15 balls are red (worth 1 point), one ball is black (7 points), one pink (6 Points), eine blue (5 Points), one brown (4 Points), eine green (3 points) and one yellow (2 points). A snooker player has to pott a red ball followed by any colored ball into one of the six pockets of the table a red one again and so on.The game continues in this way until all the reds are sinked and only the six coloured balls are left on the table. At this point the colours must be potted in the order from least to most valuable ball. The maximum value a player can achieve is 147 points, if all the sinked reds are followed by a black ball. If one achieves these 147 points, the player has accomplished a Maximum Break and can consider himself a world class player.
After watching Snooker at TV for a while one could probably think, one could also do it. It doesn't look too difficult Smiley.

My Snooker carreer

In 2013 I was just about to buy one of these 12 foot tables for myself. Eventually I skipped the decision because I wasn't sure what to do with this old Pub that I bought a while ago. Instead I started looking for a Snooker club here in the neighborehood, but didn't find anything suitable though.
Click to enlarge
My ruin, an abandoned pub
End of 2013 I had to rebuilt some of the rooms in the pub to carry out a reasonable production job. In Spring of 2015 I lost this beautiful job again because I didn't want to step in to a price battle with competing companies. Now the old question appeared again: What to do with all the spare time? Smiley.
In Germany there is a yearly action "Germany plays Billard". Billard clubs throughout Germany open their doors for one weekend to the public. Due to this action I eventually found a club in a reasonable distance of 18 km from my place, the Snookerclub "Foul and Miss(T)" in Gefrees.

I sent an email with an inquiry and some hours later I got a phonecall with the invitation. When I stood in front of this horrendously huge table, I really got intimidated quite a bit by this piece of equipment.
The club consists from 16 regular members and has got two of these 12 foot tables in its club room. All really nice people, we lough a lot (sometimes unfortunately about my tremendous shots too Smiley). My first trials ofcourse were desastrous, no surprise at this early stage. Anyway I smelled blood and in June 2015 began a trial time of 4 weeks. Ofcourse I made quite some use of this time and here and there I even sinked a ball into one of these really narrow table pockets.
From July 2015 I am a regular club member now. Due to my previous professional career I am used to establish yearly targets. I thought a lot about a reasonable target and decided at the end a Break of 50 points for the rest of the year.
One day I announced this 50 break target to the fellows in the club and earned a good loughter. When I greenly asked for the reason of this sudden amusement, my club fellows seriously recommended to start with a break of 17 for the beginning. A break of 17 can be optained in an optimal way of Red, Black, Red, Black and once again a red ball in a consequtive manner. At this time of my career I condidered my fellows as a bit snobbish and I honestly thought that I walk over a 17 break with just little effort.
I can tella you here already: The reality was and still is cruel. I never ever expected Snooker to be sooo difficult, honestly.

Snooker is an absolute precision sport, which I fully underestimated. Stand, bridge hand, queue action, even the breathing, everything must be perfect, otherwise the shot goes to nowhere. The real good Snooker players started playing in their childhood and after some 15 to 20 years they hit their peak of performance . Up to there it seems to be quite a way in front of me though Smiley.


My own Snooker table

In August 2015 I developed the awareness that I probably could need some extra training. Eventually I fulfilled my desire for an own Snooker table and ordered one for October 2015. It is a full size 12 feet table and a make of "Riley Aristocrat". Click to enlarge
Snooker lab
before renovation
The guest room of my ruin has got just about the minimum required dimensions for a 12 foot Snooker table (7 x 5 meters). To transform this room into a snooker lab some serious renovation work was required. Unfortunately my civil engineering skills are very limited. Anyway, I had to do the work all by myself to keep control over the cost. The table was expensive enough Smiley. First of all the room got cleared out completely. Then all the ugly old wood covers were ripped off the walls. After that the room left a horrible impression. The walls were built from all kinds of mineral crap, like rocks taken from the field or even pavement plates. No plaster behind the wood covers, walls partially moist. Therefore the first renovation work started outside to achive dry walls. Click to enlarge
The Snookerlab
without wood
After that the rear sliding door went into the orcus and got replaced by gypsum plaster board. The cutout for the right display cabinet was closed with aerated concrete blocks. Slots for the new electric installation were cut, new cables were inserted and fixed with some gipsum spots. Click to enlarge
Cable slots
The most difficult part of the entire renovation job was (at least for me) the new coat of cement plaster for all the walls. I bought this ready to go stuff in 25 kg bags. I just added water and then with a good smack against the wall. Big fun, though it didn't look right for some reason. As if by a miracle at Saturday afternoon suddenly my friend Thomas appered out of the nowhere. He just wanted to visit me for no special reason. After he watched the misery for a while he went completely mad and started to overtake the plastering work. Even in his Sunday dress. Only with quite a bit of effort I could keep him away from the walls and avoided that he may would mess up his Sunday dress and also his family harmonySmiley. Click to enlarge
Cables fixed
Display cabinet closed
Sliding door eliminated

But now it got really strange! Thomas went home and appered again about 30 minutes later. In due working dress, equipped with all kind of bars, spatulas and stuff like that. This Saturday he really managed to get about 60% of all walls plastered. And all that without asking for a single penny for his work.
What a friend!!! Thank you very much posthum for your assistance, Thomas!

After another two days I managed to get the rest of the walls done and the final gypsum fine coat was applied. That took another week.
Click to enlarge
Ready for
Now the wallpapers. It ought to be a chic oldfashioned british style design. Paperhanging and following a certain wallpaper pattern isn't that easy, but I got used to it fairly quickly. All in all it took me some four days to get it done.
The carpet was just a mere formality because it was done by an external company. Quickly reassembled the left restaurated display cabinet and ready was the room for the big day. Click to enlarge
Wallpapers and

The table had been delivered already on Thursday and all single parts were taken quickly into the Snooker Lab because we had some heavy rain this day. My own fork lift truck was of quite some help for this job. On Friday eventually it was the time to erect the baby. Upper nobility arrived. No less than Sascha Lippe, multiple Geman youth champion and German champion in Snooker, built the table up in about 5 hours. It was quite interesting to watch the assembly of such a table. At about 18:00 the table stood there in its full bloom. I really wanted to play at least one frame against Sascha, but he didn't want to because he was in a hurry. May be he was scared of my Snooker skills Smiley?

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Sascha and myself
after work

Credits: My special thanks to (as above) my friend Thomas and ofcourse to my friend Ba, who stood aside of me with infinite effort and unlimited patiance during the entire renovation period.

My Snooker-Carrier in facts

Unfortunately I am a numbers freak and I believe a lot in self fakes statistics. To my opinion the height of a break is a measurement for the skills of a snooker player. Therefore the emphasis will be on the results of the breaks achieved. I am aware that there are different opinions, but anyway.

Here now my carrer in facts:
     07 2015: Start in Snookerclub "Foul & Miss(T) in Gefrees, Bavaria
     07 2015: a break of 8 and shortly after that followed by a Break of 9
     08 2015: a Break of 11 and a bit later a Break of 13(against my friend Thomas)
     10 2015: new table record by my friend Benny from Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria
     10 2015: first participation at a small competition.
                  Here I got screwed down in the first round twice with a strong 0:2 result.
18th Nov. 2015: a Break of 27 and therefore new table record by myself Smiley Smiley (against my friend Ba)

My next competition will be at the 19th of December 2015, a tournament from the legendary 3-States-Ranking.








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