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A story about a world trip by bicycle

(which ended up in Bavaria)

"Freedom´s just another word for nothing left to lose"

A word to the act of cowardice from 13th November 2015 in Paris

I herewith wish to express my condolences for the relatives of the poor victims of this pathetic terror act and also to the entire Nation France.
I am stunned und furious! What kind of world has this place become?!

I honestly can't imagine, that this shall have been Allahs will. He probably does not need the help of some coward henchmen, who shut peaceful people down mith machine guns.
Has the world become a better place by this insane act of terror?? No, rather a much worse place!!!

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The intention for this website was originally to inform my friends all over the world about my journey around the world.
On a bicycle-tour in October 2009 I suddenly had the imagination of a life without stress and hussle. At first I didn't give too much for this idea, but I realized that it always came back to my mind. And one lonesome cold evening in November 2009 I sat down and calculated, how much money I would get when I would sell all my properties and how much I could spend in a year.
I figured out that I could probably survive quite well for the next 30 years, if I wouldn't spend too much money at the time. But to keep the money in my pockets it would be a good idea to change my life a bit too.
What can you do in Germany with just a limited amount of money per month? Not too much! So I had the idea to travel the world on a bicycle. This sounded quite good to me and in December of 2009 I made the decision to put this idea into reality.
By June 2010 I had sold all my things and was left only with a few things which would fit onto my bicycle. This was a very strange feeling in the first days, but I liked it more and more.

During the preparation of this trip I moved back to my home town and stayed in the empty upper appartment of my brothers house.
Here I got my equipment together and did a few nice trips in the meantime.

One of these trips took me to Bavaria and for whatever reason I got stranded in a nice little Village in the "mountains" of Upper Franconia.

The rest of this story goes from here. That means (sad enough to say it) that I have to skip my world trip for a while.

But to hold off on an idea does not mean that it is given up!!!!!

Sorry for you guys who came here hoping to find some nice travel and survival reports Smiley

But while you're here anyway, why don't you have a look through the pages here?!

Milky Way, please click for my detailled position


Pls come back soon for updates ......

Appreciate your message


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