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All data in this website have been checked thoroughly . A guaranty for accuracy of statements, completeness or actuality can not be given though. Any responsibility, especially for damages or disadvantages, which could occur by using the offered information of this website is herewith denied. It is solely the users responsibility wether or not to use the content of this website.
In case you find any dead or broken links, I would be glad to recieve your email with a description of the problem. Any input about improvements are also highly welcome.
I herewith declare explicitely, that I have no influence on the content of any webpage which this website may link to. I herewith deny any responsibility to the content of all linked websites and their subpages.

Protection of personal data and confidentiality

The transmission of any personal message by email to me allows unfortunately to draw some conclusions about the sender of the email.
I will not provide unsolicited any data of users of this website to anybody.

a) an email could be captured by a trojan horse or any other malware,
b) our government (here especially our previous minister of the interior and data collector, Mr. Schäuble) spurns any laws
c) our laws for data confidene are ridiculous anyway

the following counts:

I can't guarantee, that information or personal data, which are transmitted to me, won't be obseverd by unnown third parties.
(Isn't it sad that one has to warn against the own government?!)

Freedom of opinion

I am using this medium here and there to expose my own opinion about this or that.
As a precaution against any super smart idiots I am slipping here explicitely under the protective coat of the
Art. 5, Grundgesetz.



(Its the nature of this subject that you very likely can't reach me under any postal adress.
Please use for any contact the Electric post
In case you have not installed any email-client on your computer please use the following adress for your electric post:
cuby (at)











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