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About Cuby

Data, Data, Data! This will make our previous Interior Minister , Mr. Schäuble, very, very happy!


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Me, Prague April 2010

Where ever I remained for a while among a constant group of people, the nick name Cuby was always established after a few days. This is the reason for the name of this website.

At heart there isn't much to say about me, I am just one among 6 000 000 000 others, struggling for life day by day. Anyway, upon plenty of demands here a few facts about myself Smiley



A quick glance on my curriculum vitae

  • Born on the 31st December 1953 in Viersen-Süchteln
  • grown up in Viersen
  • Elementary school
  • Comprehensive school with some diploma
  • Education as toolmaker at Groschopp&Co. in Viersen
  • 2 years as a killer with the German armed forces in Rotenburg near Bremen (played with Helicopters there)
  • General qualification for university entrance in Viersen for another 2 years
  • Studies of Process technologies in Krefeld with a quite good result and diploma
  • 4 Jahre responsible Prozess engineer for paint manufacturing with 3M in Hilden (near Düsseldorf)
  • Got married, 2 really beautiful daughters Smiley
  • 4 years as production manager with NSC in Hamburg (Produktion corn starch)
  • Selfemployed with CNC-machining in Quickborn (near Hamburg) (contract manufacture of machine parts, turned out as a desolate business)
  • Got divorced in the meantime, that didn't make things much easier. Since then I avoid too close relationships like Dracula the sunlight.
  • From about 2006 still self employed, but now building an own product like shredders, granulators and the surrounding equipment (this business turned out as a good one)
  • a legendary bicycle ride in May 2008
  • Decided in October 2008 to sell the company and to to cut the umbilical cord to Mr. Schäuble and his taxes( Let him see, where else he's getting his taxes from, not from me anymore) Click to enlarge
    Leavin' Las Vegas.
    The last CNC-Lathe is
    leaving the plant
  • In April 2009 the final move out of the manufacturing building
  • Since May 2009 back in Viersen, from now on waiting for Godot.
    Not the government with their taxe departments is my most dangerous enemy anymore, it's this what I am scared of now.  Smiley

Somewhat funny that you can compress a life time of 55 years (2009) down to 20 lines of code. Smiley  Well, the rest of the story can hopefully be read here soon!

What else is there to say?

Ah, Hobbies and other interests!

I think that I developed already in my early childhood an urge to change the place. Anyway I am quite possed by a substancial travel bug.
I have seen every continent of the earth by now, exept Africa and Australia, but unfortuately always just at specific places without having time for the whole thing.
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Me and my baby
My hardest trip so far took me to Afghanistan in the 70's on a motorcycle. This trip wasn't far to end up fatal.

I am still an engineer from the bottom of of my heart, although I am just hanging out since May 2009 and do nothing serious anymore.
I know my way around quite well in metall machining (conventional and CNC), I find production facilities still fascinating. Design in 3D comes fluent off my hands.
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Meine Digi-Kamera

Since end of 2008 I have adressed myself more intensive to photography, to be able to provide some good images from the trip for you.

Throughout the years I always cleaved to endurance sport, even though never with the last bit of seriousity (Cigarettes)
In the 70's I started after a legendary birthday party to ride a race bycycle. And thanks to the torturer and good old friend Jochen I even made it to an acceptable form.
In the 80's running was rather hip, I even did a few Marathons (Best time 3h04min in Hamburg) and since the 90's I am back in the cycling sport.  At the moment it looks like it will stay this way for a while. smiley. However now with a Trekking bicycle instead of the race bike.

For a long time i even had some interest in economics, politics and environment. I gave this up completely, these issues are without any hope. But I have decided to spend a thought about them and let you know what I am thinking on a separate page.

The best literary piece of work, that ever has been authored, is in my opinion the tragedies first part, the Faust from the good old Mr. Goethe.
But there is somebody else too who had quite a good anticipation about the question to life, the universe and everything. (nooo, the answer here is not 42!smiley)
The one I mean is Mr. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. and he has written amongst others the wonderful book "The little Prince". You ought to read it once again. It's really worth while!








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