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Find your Geo-Coordinates

By dragging the marker the Geo-coordinates will simultanously be calculated in the formats Decimal degree, degree-Minutes-Seconds and also in degrees-Decimal minutes.
In the decimal degree field (the most left field pair) you can enter your target coordinates. A click on the corresponding button will move the cursor to the entered coordinates.(please use decimal points only!)
This tool will help you just in case you haven't got more than a pic and the geo-coordinates from your loved one. At least you know then where she's living!
(I wouldn't mind to join the wedding party smiley)
The Reset-Button moves the cursor back to my home town. No warranty for proper function!!
Unfortunately the marker doesn't always jump too accurate to the entered adress. This isn't my fault, it's Google. So I strongly recommend to zoom in, check the coord's and drag the marker to the right position, if req'd!

°     Latitude
°    Longitude







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